Brannon Howse is a dangerous and deranged crackpot

He demonizes the Catholics as being of Satan for example, but what were all good Christians before the Protestant reformation?

He advocates a bloody American Civil War where two-thirds of our number might be decimated, which is a threat to national security.

He claims to have the support of many who are as mentally ill or psychologically unstable as he is, which is a major threat to public health. – This is the con game (where they want you to give them all your money to) and pay by phone to 901-825-0652. – This is the main YouTube platform like most all these other nut cases who sympathize with the Klan. – Their ultimate goal – tax deductible donations as a non-profit org. and to rake in millions for the KKK.

One might suspect this man and those like him in the deep south are members of the Klu Klux Klan, and their mission is White Supremacy.

They feel their southern Baptist beliefs are under attack by those who can prove they are not biblical, where the KKK simply supports a Fascist-NAZI agenda.

They confuse a socialist and non-violent pacifist like Mahatma Gandhi, with Stalin or any Totalitarian Dictator or false messiah like Adolf Hitler. – Their Fourth Reich agenda might be threatened, condemning racial equality and sexual equality as being evil. – As fear-mongers, promoting groundless and imaginary paranoid mania, hiding behind freedom of religion and speech, as documentaries. – They condemn things like prayer for being of Satan, and these guys are deranged. Meditation is not of Satan like they claim.

Judd Saul claims to be a director of several so-called documentaries and pod casts by conspiracy theory nut jobs and hard core nut cases, tearing this country apart.

One such example has to do with demonizing Margaret Sanger. She was in favor of birth control, and parents making the right choice is having small families.

Margaret Sanger was utterly against abortion or global genocide or euthanasia, but she has been used as a scapegoat for NAZI death camps and Stalin’s Gulags. – A list of those who fill the social media outlets with lies and divisive ungodly and propaganda from right wing extremists. – Here they market pod casts of right wing extremists KKK propaganda, from liars, con-artists, charlatans and snake oil salesmen.